Accelerated Reader Program

How Does AR Work?
You child will bring home a book with a color coded dot on the spine from our school library to read every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Have your child read that book multiple times. Your child can read to you, you can take turns reading one page at a time with your child, etc. Talk to your child about that book as you read it to ensure they understand the book. We will do our AR tests on our library days (MWF). After the first month of AR, your child will be able to check out 1 fun book to read as well as 1 testing book.
How To Fill Out AR Folder:
  1. Write down the title of the book
  2. Locate the AR# and reading level on the back cover of book and record on sheet
  3. Mark who read the book (you, your child, or both!)
You only need to write down each book once even though you will read it multiple times before your child takes their test on it.
Color Coding:
All AR testing books have a pink strip on the binding. The colored dot on that strip indicates the level of the book. Your child’s level is located on their sheet in their AR folders. If for some reason your child brought home a book outside of their colored level, plus return it and we will send home a book that is within their level.