SEPTEMBER  Location  A=auditorium MR=music room t.b.d.=to be determined

If you have to miss a rehearsal, make sure Mrs. Sweeney gets the message.  We will keep track of what you have missed.

Tuesday 9/19 6:00-7:50 ALL except Seniors who have the Post-High School Meeting--Auditorium

Wednesday 9/20 6:00-7:50 Princess, Snow White, Goldilocks, Queen of the West  t.b.a.

Thursday 9/21 3:15-5 All dwarfs plus anyone else who can come at this time  Auditorium
6:00 Princess, Rumpelstiltskin, Prince Revielle 


Monday 9/25 6:00-7:50 All princes, Princess, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White

Tuesday 9/26 3:15-5 All dwarfs plus Bear family

Wednesday 9/27 6:00-7:50 ALL

Thursday 9/28 3:15-5 All dwarfs, Princess, Snow White

Friday 9/29 NO REHEARSAL


 Coming soon ! ! ! ! !