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9th Grade Physical Science
Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year at Cathedral High School! This year, the 9th Grade will be learning about the Physical Sciences that includes a variety of concepts including: Matter, Atomic Structure, Periodic Table, Motion, Forces and some Astronomical Processes in the Universe.  The class will read, observe, discuss, analyze and demonstrate these scientific concepts through a variety of experiments and solving word problems.  Each student will be assigned a textbook to help them understand the concepts I will teach them during class.  All students will be expected to participate in this textbook by answering review and lab questions that are assigned in each section.  I will also require students to purchase 2 composition notebooks (see image below)- they will bring them to class everyday.  One composition notebook will be for science class notes, the other composition notebook will be devoted towards any Science Lab Reports.  I will be checking these notebooks periodically throughout the year for participation credit.  Physical Science is heavily based on mathematics so students will need to bring calculators to class everyday.  They should also have a ruler, compass, protractor, scissors, glue stick and colored pencils for science class to use as needed.