​Cathedral High School - Graduation Requirements

Each student must complete a certain number of required and elective courses in order to satisfy the graduation requirements of Cathedral High School. The total number of course credits must be a minimum of 26. A yearlong course is equal to 1.0 credit and a semester long course is equal to 0.5 credits. These credit requirements are broken down as follows:
                                    Religion                                    4.0 credits
                                    English                                     4.0 credits
                                    Social Studies                           4.0 credits
                                    Mathematics                             3.0 credits
                                    Science                                    3.0 credits
                                    Phy. Ed/Health                          2.0 credits
                                    Computer Science                     2.0 credits
                                    Fine Arts*                                 1.0 credits
                                    Electives                                   4.0 credits
          *Art, Band, or Choir count as Fine Arts credit.
In addition to the overall graduation requirement of 26 credits, each student must register for a minimum of 7 courses or 3.5 credits each semester. 

Use the Four Year Plan as a tool to plan the sequence of classes. 

Click here for the 2017-2018 Cathedral High School Course Handbook.