Welcome to Ms. Ebbers' Science Classes!

I'm excited to be teaching science at Cathedral High School and I'm looking forward to become a part of the NUACS community! I am a 2006 graduate of Winona State University and this is my 7th year teaching science.   

My science passion are the Earth Sciences that include 4 main cores of discipline: Geology, Astronomy, Oceanography, and Meteorology.  I am fascinated everyday looking around this dynamic world we live in.  I've stood in awe at the base of majestic mountains, witnessed violent weather, stared out into the universe at dazzling stars and splashed around in the cool ocean while the hot sun kept the sand warm.  It is in understanding how all these remarkable experiences and features relate to one another that drives my curiosity and continuous learning about the world we live in, and I'm excited to share and teach my students about these relationships!

It is my intention to provide my students with a quality education where they can achieve success and reach their fullest academic potential in my classroom.  I will expect a high standard of excellence from my students.  I will encourage them to work hard and stay disciplined when it comes to their studies and understanding the content material being taught.  

I encompass a wide range of assessments to investigate the students' knowledge of the science concepts they have learned.  Some of these forms of assessments include tests, quizzes, independent homework, in-class experiments/labs, projects, web-activities, presentations, participation in group discussions, research and even review games!  I have high expectations for your child and believe that each one is capable of having an outstanding school year! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me at:


Contact: Rachel Ebbers