Welcome to the St. Anthony Library!

​Where Will Books Take You This Year?
Do you want to see the rainforest? Have you ever wanted to travel on a ship? Maybe you have dreamed of outer space or wanted to know more about living during World War II.   Do you know where Hogwarts is or the 100 Acre Wood?   ​Through the miracle of books you can visit and learn about all these places and so many more!  ​

​I am so excited for this year!  We have made some changes to the labeling and arranging of our fiction chapter books.   We have sorted the books into 10 genres: Action/Adventure, Animal Fiction, Scary, Humor, Historical, Realistic/Dramatic, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, & Sports.  I am hoping that this make choosing a book a little less overwhelming. 

​The picture book side of the room has also seen some changes this summer.  Nothing too drastic just a little rearranging and freshening up. 

​Can't wait to see you!  Let's go on some wonderful "trips" this year!

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