Cathedral Sonics Dance Team


Head Coach: Missy Marti
Assistant Coach:  Heidi Schwab


October 29TH – George’s Breakfast Fundraiser

November 29th – Halftime Kick               CHS

December 3rd – Home Competition         CHS

December 6th – Kick Dual with GFW        GFW

December 10th – RCW Competition         Renville

December 17th – BOLD Competition        Bird Island

December 20th – Halftime Jazz               CHS

December 22nd – Jr. Sonics                    CHS

January 5th – Halftime Kick                     CHS

January 12th – Halftime Jazz                   CHS

January 14th – Belle Plaine Competition  Belle Plaine

January 17th – Halftime Kick                   CHS

January 21st – YME Competition              Yellow Medicine East

January 24th – Jazz Dual with GFW          CHS

January 28th – GFW Competition             Fairfax

February 7th – Halftime Kick                   CHS (Parent’s Night)

February 11th – Section 3A Competition  Montevideo

February 17 & 18 State Tournament       Target Center